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Available June 1st, 2018. "Poisonous" is an auditory hallucination created with simple tools: trumpet and drums. On these seven pieces of forceful, modern abstraction, the blurry lines between composition and improvisation melt in a display of technical insanity and mindboggling energy. This is not just another album of improvised music.

the CD is available direct:

paypal weaselw at juno dot com
17.00 postage paid in the US
18.00 postage paid in Canada
19.00 postage paid Elsewhere


Weasel Walter's "Skhiizm" is a one-man album of terrifying, shrill, chaotic, noisy skronk rock played on guitars, drums and electronics with totally devolved white noise vocal grunts. Play loud and die.

the CD is available direct:

paypal weaselw at juno dot com
15.00 postage paid in the US
16.00 postage paid in Canada
17.00 postage paid Elsewhere

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