April 2018:

My hellish one-man No Wave record "Skhiizm" is out now on CD or digital download. It's loud, obnoxious and gnarly. If you pine over The Luttenbachers' "Revenge" or my stint with Burmese, this one is for you. It contains no jazz, only skronked out noise rock. It's not terribly proggy, although there is a 20 minute theme and variation on Poison Idea's "Hangover Heart Attack" with tons of nightmare shredding. Right now there are duos with Peter Evans and Martin Escalante in production for release in 2018. Lydia Lunch Retrovirus is doing their first shows of the year, first at a one-off in Atlanta on April 28, then on a tour hitting Canada and the Midwest in May, and Australia in June, as well as some dates in Europe in September. The best way to find out about Lydia related stuff is by following the offical fan page on Facebook.

March 2018:

Jeepers. I haven't updated this page in a long time. Do people still look at websites? Dunno. Tommorow night, I have a concert with guitarist Sandy Ewen in Brooklyn. Our newly released CD "Idiomatic" is a real doozy. You should buy it. My longtime cohort, Damon Smith will join us and it will be fabulous. Then, I'm off to Europe for two weeks with Lydia Lunch as Brutal Measures, our ever-shifting, scary avant garde vocals/drums/electronics performance piece. Lydia Lunch Retrovirus will be touring Australia, New Zealand, Europe as well as come Canadian and US dates this year. In mid April, I travel to Boston to do a crazy gig with the Plane Crash group (w/ Henry Kaiser and Damon Smith) PLUS Vinny Golia and Ra Kalam Bob Moses. That will be a sick one. We are also recording an album. Speaking of albums, my intense ski-mask no-wave/noise rock solo album "Skhiizm" is out at the beginning of April, as well as a trio CD with bassistTete Leguia and saxophonist Sam Weinberg. I am currently working on duo records with trumpet master Peter Evans, as well as one with the unearthly sax destroyer Martin Escalante. Those will both be totally nuts. Cellular Chaos is working on a 3 song EP, hopefully out this spring. We've been a little quiet this year, but this release will be a big noise. I did a few tours with the seminal Cleveland band X___X recently, and it was great to play those classic songs and hang with some of the masters. Hopefully they call me to do more! March 2017 brought a slight return of the Flying Luttenbachers, with 7 shows in France, presented by Sonic Protest. Tim Dahl was on bass guitar and Chris Welcome played guitar, and we romped through a selection of classic FLS material. The tour was great, but there's something entirely new in the works for the band which will be revealed in time. A lot of my catalog is available digitally at BANDCAMP and a lot of the in-print cds can be found at CDBABY

December 2010:

Obviously I don't update this page too often. If you really want to follow what I'm doing, the best way is to frequent ugEXPLODE, or come to a show. I am still rehearsing with Behold...The Arctopus and it seems like I could take at least another year before we play live. I have done some production work for Zs and am in discussion about joining a future incarnation of the group. My confronto-no-wave guitar trio Cellular Chaos (w/ Marc Edwards on drums and Ceci Moss on bass) keeps rehearsing and playing shows. We are committed to being fully formed before we document the group, so look for a release one of these days. Some new releases for 2011 include "Electric Fruit" with Mary Halvorson and Peter Evans; studio releases by the trios with Sheik Anorak/Mario Rechtern and Mike Forbes/Andrew Scott Young; a CD with Henry Kaiser and Charles K. Noyes; a studio full-length from Burmese with myself on drums and much more. Walter/Halvorson/Evans will tour sporadically during 2011 and a european jaunt for Anorak/Rechtern/Walter is slated for late March 2011. An interviewer asked my about my plans for next year: to survive, I answered. There isn't any real media spotlight on me, so I'm just going to sit here and crank out high quality skronk for those of you who want it. Uncompromising and uncomprimised.

December 2009:
A lot has happened since the last news item more than a year ago. I have tended to focus more on the twitter/facebook/myspace end of things, so if you want more frequent updates, search for those or sign up to be on the sporadic mailing list. This site has tended to be more for archival purposes rather than current events, but i'm considering stepping it up a notch in the near future.

I've had a slew of releases with great musicians like Henry Kaiser, Vinny Golia, Marc Edwards, Paul Flaherty, Peter Evans and many others. I have left California for New York. I quit XBXRX and joined Behold...The Arctopus. On the docket are my Septet record "Invasion" featuring Kaiser, Golia, John Lindberg, William Winant, Liz Allbee and Damon Smith; studio recordings by the Walter/Halvorson/Evans trio and the Marc Edwards/Weasel Walter Group as well as the new Burmese studio effort. I have reincarnated my west coast guitar freakout band Cellular Chaos on the East Coast with new players. A lot of writing for jazz quintet and tentet took place this year and I'll probably make an attempt to get that music played out here in New York with new musicians. This spring I'm planning on tours with the Forbes/Young/Walter trio as well as some European dates with Sheik Anorak and Mario Rechtern. There's an all-new Toy Killers release slowly in the works . . . the band did a few gigs in the Bay Area and one in NYC this year under the leadership of Mark Miller and including me on guitar at most of them. I am also preparing to work on a very strange project spearheaded by the legendary Nondor Nevai, featuring myself on bass and Kenny Millions (aka Keshavan Maslak) on reeds - a truly volatile mixture of weirdos, should be extremely interesting. There's some talk about me contributing drums to some new Controlled Bleeding material as well. There are a lot of possibilities and i'm trying to figure out how to juggle them all and still remain solvent. Wish me luck.

September 2008:
New up will be two releases featuring killer NYC trumpet player Peter Evans: "Oculus Ex Abyssum" (a ltd. to 300 green vinyl lp w/ Damon Smith, Paul Hartsaw and myself) and an untitled, hand-fabricated gatefold CD-R with James Fei instead of Hartsaw. Following those later this winter will be the deranged Toy Killers CD anthology (old school nyc skronk godsz) and the remastered vinyl reissue of the Luttenbachers "Infection and Decline". I'll be on the East Coast Plaing some great gigs Mary Halvorson, Peter Evans, Marc Edwards, Paul Flaherty, Forbes Graham, Nate Wooley, Sara Schoenbeck, Greg Kelley, Darius Jones, Jeb Bishop and more, so check me out! Burmese will have some new releases out during the end of the year, including the first one which i play on - a 10" to be released by Rock is Hell from Austria this winter. XBXRX has laid down basic tracks for our next studio full-length due spring 2009. A bunch of awesome improvised music releases will appear soon featuring myself with people like Henry Kaiser and some of the above malcontents . . . HEY EUROPEANS: GET ME SOME GIGS OVER THERE!!!

April 2008:
Out now are some fine releases of high energy improvised music featuring myself and other fine artists like Mary Halvorson, Elliott Levin, Jacob Lindsay and others. Please check the ugEXPLODE website for more details. I'm now beating the shit out of the drums in the band Burmese (it's sort of a "Void"-era FLs reunion with Mike Green and Ed Rodriguez). XBXRX is working on new material and preparing a live album and a singles collection. I have some gigs on the East Coast in May 2008 with folks like Marc Edwards, Charles Gayle, Paul Flaherty, Ras Moshe, Mario Rechtern, Andrew Barker and Sam Hillmer. Should be fun. Now that the Luttenbachers are officially done, i'm going to be concentrating on a lot of other things, particularly the idea of a big band with some structure. I have no regrets about ending the Luttenbachers - I've said all I care to say with it right now. I hope that more people grow to understand what I was doing with it in time. I'm toying with the idea of starting a new weird rock band but haven't had a lot of time to do the writing for it. There are some really cool projects slated for ugEXPLODE in August, but I don't want to say anything until stuff gets nailed down better.

September 2007:
Gearing up for 4 killer new releases from ugEXPLODE, coming this November - the new luttenbachers EPIC, a totally over the top free jazz cd featuring myself with Marshall Allen and other heavies, a varied jazz cd with Gianni Gebbia and Damon Smith, plus Nondor Nevai's insane player piano album. It's going to slay. Just got a nice two page spread in Signal To Noise magazine with a full page mugshot! This winter I would like to record the debut release by Cellular Chaos and start putting together a brand new lineup for the Luttenbachers. Next year will bring some new releases including a killer duet with me and guitarist Mary Halvorson, a limited edition WW Quartet Live CD-R and an improvised music release with myself, Henry Kaiser, Peter Evans, Greg Kelley, Forbes Graham, Fred Lonberg-Holm and others. If anybody who reads this wants to release any of my improvised music, contact me and make me an offer . . . The latest XBXRX release "Sounds" is out soon (an improvised/ultraweird release by us on Important Records) as well as the Ayler songs record with Kaiser, Mike Keneally, Vinny Golia, Joe Morris and others. XBXRX will hit Europe in January 2008 and then I'll do some free jazz stuff in Europe for a few weeks.

June 2007:
Right now the new Flying Luttenbachers record (title to be announced) is in production. There will be SURPRISES on this one. You won't believe your ears. Hopefully by late 2007 a new version of the live band will be resurrected. Please show your support for this project by buying a cd at ugEXPLODE - whether or not the band continues to exist in a live setting depends on the direct support of the fans. Right now the proposition of selling records and touring is very grim, but if the interest is there, we will try our best to come to your town. Let's face it - the music arena is so utterly, overly saturated that most Americans can easily take music (and its makers) for granted - DON'T take real alternatives to mainstream mediocrity for granted. If you don't support artists making vital music, they wither up and die . . . Put your money where your mouth is and help real alternative culture survive!

January 2007:
Be sure to check out the brand new ugEXPLODE release "REVOLT MUSIC" by the Weasel Walter Quartet featuring Henry Kaiser, John Gruntfest, Aram Shelton, Josh Allen, Damon Smith and Randy Hunt. more than an hour of balls-out free jazz for you - limited to 500 copies. the gigs with Damon on the east coast are confirmed. we'll be playing killer gigs with people like Kaiser, Marco Eneidi, Marc Edwards, Marshall Allen, Lisle Ellis, Elliott Levin, Mary Halvorson . . . it's going to be great. see you there. I'm planning on going on a european tour with Lair of the Minotaur in June . . . XBXRX will be canvasing the world in 2007 for our new "Wars" record available in April. The luttenbachers DVD is postponed until the band becomes more active later this year. Out soon will be a CD from the French Savage Land label of all kinds of weird recordings of me as a teenager. it will shock and delight.

October 2006:
New news here: I'll be touring with Lair of the Minotaur soon. The Southern Lord recording artists have parted ways with their old drummer and have called me in to kickstart their old school metal attack. Of course the core members of Lair - Steve Rathbone and DJ Barraca - and myself are all alumni of the dreaded 7000 Dying Rats (new record in jan 2007). In December we'll tour america opening for vegan grind blasters Cattle Decapitation. Damon Smith and I are working out some very exciting gigs on the east coast in feb. 2007. more details as it is confirmed. planning on releasing the Aurora Josephson Septet CD on ugEXPLODE next month.

August 2006:

exhaustion rules. just finished a luttenbachers tour, a small xbxrx tour, recording the new xbxrx album, finished the edits for the live luttenbachers video in l.a., etc., etc. the yet to be entitled xbxrx record will be out on polyvinyl early next year. the luttenbachers "live cataclysm" DVD is looking good for winter '06. lake of dracula's "skeletal remains" is out on august 30, available at ugEXPLODE . Final copies of luttenbachers' "cataclysm" also available! still waiting on release date for Mick Barr/Sam Hillmer/Weasel Walter 10" on Epicene - last we heard it was at the plant. the new 7000 dying rats cd "season in hell" is going to be released on he who corrupts inc. this winter. trying to finalize selecting the material for the weasel walter quartet cd, out soon. still planning on a reissue of luttenbachers' "trauma" with previously unreleased bonus tracks soon . . . May 2006:lots of stuff going on. upcoming luttenbachers gigs in chicago, st.paul, oakland and sacramento. did sessions for a radical deconstruction of the late songs of Albert Ayler with Henry Kaiser, Joe Morris, Vinny Golia, a.o. Performed new percussion and tape music work in Chicago to go with Harry Smith's "Early Abstractions" films. XBXRX to tour Japan soon.

March 2006:

here's a Time Out New York article from last year featuring WW

January 2006:

Check out the luttenbachers merch page for info on the brand new limited edition CD EP "Spectral Warrior Mythos Volume One" featuring WW, Mick Barr and Ed Rodriguez.
recent stuff: WW just back from Mexican tour with XBXRX. The band will be working on its first ever MTV styled video with director Ryan Junell in a few weeks. it will reflect the manic intensity of the band, uncut and unwatered down. speaking of MTV, a few songs from "sixth in sixes" have been licensed as background music for one of their wacky shows. writing for the next polyvinyl album begins right now. mastering a ton of records (including a killer reissue of the first three releases by infamous punk-jazz band 16-17). make sure to check out the 'Production' page for more info on mastering services . . . The new Flying Luttenbachers album "Cataclysm" will definitely be released in mid-2006. It features 8 tracks/53 minutes of chaos and precision featuring the monstrous quartet incarnation of the group (Mick Barr, Ed Rodriguez, Mike Green, WW). The label is to be decided although there are many in the running. To be blunt, we're just a little sick of music business and might just do it ourselves. If there is a offer good and professional enough to be worthwhile, that could be remedied. Tours will coincide with release. Luttenbachers live DVD still in works - haven't figured out computer problems (advanced Mac/FCP users write me! HELP!)Curse of the Birthmark are rumored to be coming back strong in 2006, hot on the release of their ep on Deleted Art, Sweden. WW will be back behind the synthesizer as usual. A San Francisco gig is in the works for a new quartet with WW, Henry Kaiser, William Winant and Damon Smith. The Weasel Walter Quartet will enter the studio in late January to lay down some tracks for an upcoming release. ugEXPLODE will probably begin a new series of releases later this spring with some special surprise archive material and possibly a WW solo drum record!!! August 2005:

upcoming gigs: Flying Luttenbachers play Panache Magazine release party friday august 26th, 2005 at the hemlock tavern in San Francisco.
Two nights later on Sunday the 28th, the debut performance of a new quartet featuring WW on drums, Damon Smith and Randy Hunt on contrabasses, and Josh Allen on tenor saxophone will play two sets starting at 9:30 for only 3 bucks. The music will be hardcore acoustic free jazz/energy music and won't be for the faint of heart. =============================================================================XBXRX will be on tour this fall/winter promoting the new album "Sixth in Sixes" due out September 13, 2005 on LP and CD on Polyvinyl Records. This is by far the band's most cohesive musical statement by a mile and will shock and delight music fans with its dissonant, modernistic approach to post-hardcore. for more details, see the band's official website. The Flying Luttenbachers are continually active, now paired down to a trio (WW, Ed Rodriguez, Mick Barr) for the time being. For August gig schedule see the band's myspace page or official website. Coming this Winter will be the official launch of the newly revived ugEXPLODE label, christened with the Luttenbachers' 14th album "Cataclysm" as well as an unbelievable 68 minute live DVD containing 24 bit multitrack digital audio and 5 camera angles. Until further notice the band will be releasing all future material on ugEXPLODE exclusively and will not be working with any outside label support. On the WW mastering docket recently were records by No Doctors, Purple Wizard, Dead Raven Choir (3 lp demo boxed set!) and A-Tension. Looks like a 2 CD project of early works by swiss noise-mongers 16-17 is coming up later this year!