first name: Weasel
last name: Walter

let's get something straight right now everybody: don't call me "Walter". I don't come up to you and call you by your last name. we're not in japan or the military. get used to it.

Cecil Taylor, Iannis Xenakis, Christian Vander, Albert Ayler, Groucho Marx, Jack Kirby, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Irving Klaw, Anton LaVey, Olivier Messiaen, James Chance


born 1972 in some stupid town
showing signs of weirdness at young age.
first heard and identified with punk rock, changed name to "weasel", began learning guitar at age 11.
saw "Urgh! a Music War" and The Residents' "Third Reich and Roll" video on cable tv at age 13.
played bass in hardcore band and discovered the music of james chance and lydia lunch at age 14.
found free jazz and Iannis Xenakis records at the library and began drumming at age 15.
began extensively recording bizarre solo music on cassette 4-track at age 16.
moved to chicago in 1990 to play music (and attend college in spare time).

began doing sound mixing at defunct performance space Southend Musicworks which facilitated contact with musicians like Peter Brotzmann, Evan Parker, Marilyn Crispell, Barry Guy, NRG Ensemble, AACM, etc.
played bass guitar in Anthony Braxton Workshop Orchestra.
formed improvised music collective with Josh Berman, William Pisarri and others.
meets Hal Russell and forms the first line-up of the Flying Luttenbachers.

Hal Russell leaves Luttenbachers and is replaced by Ken Vandermark in time for debut 7".

steadily gigging Flying Luttenbachers accidentally infiltrate and catalyze the embryonic "chicago no wave" scene based around Wicker Park in chicago, forging alliences with The Scissor Girls, Trenchmouth, Math, Bobby Conn and many others and creating unprecedented bridge between free jazz/improvised music and the chicago rock club scene.
forms improvised music group with Vandermark, Kevin Drumm and Jeb Bishop (although never more than three members at a time actually gig together).
joins Motley Crue tribute band 2 Fast 4 Love.

establishes weekly Improvised Music Workshop series, first at Czar Bar and finally at Myopic Books, Chicago and curates first 25 shows featuring musicians like Jim O'Rourke, Jeb Bishop, Kevin Drumm, Jim Baker, Michael Colligan, Gene Coleman as well as musicians from the rock scene.
joins the highly unpopular mutant glam-punk band Strawberry (soon rechristened as "Vanilla") on lead guitar.

graduates college with B.A. in music composition with final project "un-nerve" a 45-minute long composition performed by the "Weasel Walter Nonet" featuring Ken Vandermark, Ken Drumm, Jeb Bishop, Jim Baker, Gene Coleman and others.
ditches the Flying Luttenbachers free jazz based modus operandi for a more severe and electronic death metal/no wave influenced sound.
joins the first of a long series of Bobby Conn backing bands on various instruments.
curates two consecutive evenings of music at NNWAC Gallery in Chicago.
co-founds minimalist no wave combo Lake Of Dracula with Jim "Marlon" Magas
plays/records with short-lived group Miss High Heel featuring Tom Smith, Magas, Azita and others.
self-publishes "ugEXPLODE" magazine issue one featuring early articles on U.S. Maple, Bobby Conn and Kevin Drumm.

continues playing/touring/recording with Lake Of Dracula, Bobby Conn and The Flying Luttenbachers.
joins extreme metal band Hatewave on drums.

more work with LOD, FLS, Bobby Conn and Hatewave.
forms obsessively detail oriented Adam and the Ants historical re-enactment band with Scott Gibbons and Dylan Posa.
co-curates week-long Improvised Music Workshop anniversary festival.

first Flying Luttenbachers european tour.
plays bass guitar on debut Bobby Conn european tour.
first gig by cacophonous karaoke battle-royal group The Chicago Sound

Flying Luttenbachers return to free jazz roots with all-acoustic lineup, tour Europe
plays final Hatewave shows
temporarily rejoins reincarnated Strawberry
joins final touring line-up of To Live and Shave in L.A. (who eventually reformed in 2004)

continues to lead The Flying Luttenbachers, tours Europe
joins comedy grind unit 7000 Dying Rats on drums
forms renegade schism group To Live and Shave in L.A. 2
occasionally appears and records with noise kamikazes Cock ESP

establishes highly composed "brutal prog" m.o. for Luttenbachers and the band does it's heaviest US touring to date
continues to work with The Chicago Sound.

continues to tour the US extensively with The Flying Luttenbachers, appearing on The Oops! Tour with The Locust, Arab on Radar, Lightning Bolt, Erase Errata and Wolf Eyes.
rejoins 7000 Dying Rats after quitting for one year.
continues to work with The Chicago Sound but they get banned from every club in chicago despite growing popularity because they spill way too much beer on stage.
forms power electronics group Contradiction with Andrew Ortmann

plays final shows with 7000 Dying Rats and The Chicago Sound.
relocates to Oakland, California.
records and performs solo as The Flying Luttenbachers
tours with Erase Errata as second drummer for short West Coast tour.
joins revived XBXRX on drums and begins to extensively tour US with them.

joins Curse of the Birthmark on synthesizer
forms current Flying Luttenbachers core line-up with Ed Rodriguez, tours Europe.
establishes The San Francisco Sound franchise of The Chicago Sound with less beer.
XBXRX tours with Sonic Youth and Wolf Eyes.
Produces session for Glenn Branca's Symphony No. 13 for 100 Guitars in Queens
lectures and shows vintage New York No Wave video footage in Louisville, Austin and San Francisco.

Continues to work with The Flying Luttenbachers, Curse of the Birthmark, XBXRX and the San Francisco Sound.
establishes ugEXPLODE Records as exclusive future outlet for FLs products.
forms Weasel Walter Quartet and Sextet, begins new concentration on free improvised music.

Continues to work with The Flying Luttenbachers.
XBXRX tours UK, Japan, Mexico, Canada
invited as a solo artist to play festivals in Chicago, New York and Vienna (including broadcast on Austrian Radio.)
joins Lair of the Minotaur.

Officially discontinues The Flying Luttenbachers in November 2007.
tours U.S. and Mexico.
does two U.S. tours as temporary drummer of Lair of the Minotaur.
expands free improvised music activity including east coast gigs with Henry Kaiser, Marco Eneidi, Marc Edwards, Mary Halvorson, Mario Rechtern, Marshall Allen, Elliott Levin and Lisle Ellis.

Joins Burmese.
tours Europe.
expands free improvised music activity in scores of local performances, as well as European gigs with Mario Rechtern.
tours East Coast playing gigs with various musicians including Paul Flaherty, Perry Robinson, Marc Edwards, Mary Halvorson, Peter Evans, Nate Wooley, Lisle Ellis, Sara Schoenbeck and Marshall Allen

Joins Behold...The Arctopus.
Southern California mini-tour with Scarcity of Tanks feat. Mike Watt
many local and east coast improvised music performances with various musicians
midwestern minitour with Michael Forbes and Andrew Scott Young
European gigs with Peter Evans, Mary Halvorson, Evan Parker, John Edwards, Marco Eneidi, Mario Rechtern and Sheik Anorak.
Leaves California for New York City.

Forms East Coast version of Cellular Chaos
performs more regularly in New York with Marc Edwards/Weasel Walter Group
tours Europe twice with Sheik Anorak/Weasel Walter/Mario Rechtern
local improvised music performances with various musicians
composes music for Alyssa Lee dance piece premiered in Philadelphia
tours Midwest and East Coast with Michael Forbes and Andrew Scott Young
tours Europe with Quok including headlining Saturday night of the Wels Unlimited Fest 24