June 2018 :

Around 2013, things got tough. Real tough. To make a long story short, after the release of the CELLULAR CHAOS debut, it seemed like the label needed to end in order to take care of other more pressing matters. For a while, my attitude was, "Labels? Who gives a shit about 'labels'. I'm an artist. People want my music or don't want it. That's that." In the interim up to 2018, I did a bunch of Bandcamp/digital-only releases, before HENRY KAISER approached me in 2015 to assemble a large ensemble for his New York visit. It went well. So well, that I figured I probably want to make another CD. That CD had no "label" imprint. It was just a CD. Then I did another, then another. Then I did another, and another. Then, I thought to myself, "What the hell am I doing? I fought for this ugEXPLODE ethos, and dammit, I'm going to reclaim it." You see, to some discerning audio gourmands, the ugEXPLODE banner exists as a hallmark of quality. When you buy an ugEXPLODE release, you know it's going to be something out of the ordinary. "Skhiizm" was the first "new" ugEX release with a public catalog number, but, for the record:

ug65 - Weasel Walter Large Ensemble "Igneity" CD
ug66 - Weasel Walter "Curses" CD
ug 67- Weasel Walter "A Pound Of Flesh" 4XCD
ug 68 - Foster/Swell/Lopez/Walter "Throes are the Only Trouble" CD
ug 69 - Sandy Ewen/Weasel Walter "Idiomatic" CD
ug 70 - Weasel Walter "Skhiizm" CD
ug 71 - Peter Evans/Weasel Walter "Poisonous" CD

January 2013 :

February 15, 2013 will bring two new releases. ug61 is LYDIA LUNCH - RETROVIRUS CD - a raw documentation of a bombastic live performance of a survey of Lydia's most intense rock-based material including songs made popular by TEENAGE JESUS AND THE JERKS, 8-EYED SPY, 13.13, SHOTGUN WEDDING and more. The band features ALGIS KIZYS (SWANS, FOETUS) on bass, BOB BERT (SONIC YOUTH, PUSSY GALORE, CHROME CRANKS) on drums and yours truly on guitar. 60 minutes of shattering raw power. ug62 is DEN SVARTA FANAN LP. The band is a shifting, improvised conglomerate headed up by New York bass player JOE MEROLLA and this limited LP features regular cast members WEASEL WALTER (drums), RON ANDERSON (guitar) and NONOKO YOSHIDA (saxophone). This is a raging slab of dense, furious improvised music.

May 2012:

New stuff. Dig it. A very rocking release date with NORMAL LOVE, MICROWAVES, CELLULAR CHAOS and the second album by WHITE SUNS (courtesy of LOAD Records). There's more stuff this year, and it will be kickass. You know the drill. Now, get out there and start buying.

January 2012:

ugEXPLODE, like a rock in a sea of bullshit, will continue to issue forth more iconoclasm in this, the final year of mankind. Forget the future. Whip out your credit card and purchase our entire catalog. That is an order.

On the docket for March 1st, 2012 are two slabs of jarring abstraction. Sandy Ewen/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter issue forth a 78 minute CD containing nothing short of alien technique and structural disruption. The shit is weird. Sandy is a rising talent hailing from Houston, Texas. Her guitar approach expands on the likes of severe deconstructionists like Kevin Drumm and Keith Rowe.
Mated with the legendary rhythm section, this untitled CD guarantees total destruction of logic. Liner notes by Henry Kaiser and a beautiful full color booklet featuring Sandy's explosive visual artwork. Also in March comes a release by Brooklyn composer Dr. David Earl Buddin. Mr. Buddin has gained infamy in certain circles as a rabble-rouser, appearing regularly on the bizarre BJ Rubin Show. Truth be told, he is one of the greatest modern composers still working in the field of serialism. His written work is fastidious and intense. The CD of the electronic realization of the instrumental parts of his Canticles reveals some shrewd, brisk modernism. Fans of complex composition will shit a brick when they hear this.

Later in the year we will be presenting new studio releases by Microwaves and Normal Love. If you're not familiar with these names, you will be afterwards, because they're going to kick your ass. A blazing trio record by Alex Ward/James Sedwards/Weasel Walter is slated and it is a monolith of guitar skronk and frenetic drumming. Studio records by QUOK and Forbes/Young/Walter are in the can. Maybe the long-rumored End Result will emerge? Maybe some new Burmese? Certainly there will be a Cellular Chaos release! There's a lot of stuff around here waiting to be sprung on the world. Buy some shit and help us keep the wheels turning. thanks!

October 2011 :

A word from the Executive CEO of ugEXPLODE
Franklin X. Succor:

"I know I've been gone awhile, but I'm back to plug the latest fine releases issued by my little puissant label lackeys! I give them just enough food to survive. They live mostly on air and well-wishing, yet they always come back for more! Ha ha ha. Fuckin' artists. Everybody knows that the real heroes of capitalism are the non-creative scumbags like me! Oh, it's rich . . . I . . ." (transcription ends)

When our CEO says stuff like this, it sure hurts, but he's right, we have to risk everything (including our health and well-being) to get you the latest hot releases! This October release date is a real doozy, too. Fresh off the presses we have a stunning archival release by the mythic proto-punk/no wave band Jack Ruby, as well as a killer CD of duos by Weasel Walter and his funky friends Peter Evans, Mary Halvorson, Darius Jones and Alex Ward! 'Nuff said! Get on it.

love, Gus, Gary, Chip, Ginger and Susie (ugEX shipping dept.)

April 2011 :

A word from the Executive CEO of ugEXPLODE
Franklin X. Succor:

"Everything fucking sucks! People are fucking idiots! Everyone has terrible taste right now! Fuck the universe!

You, followers of ugEXPLODE Records, are the only people that matter. You have the vision and forsight to realize that the music of the PRESENT is here and only here. Everything else is in the PAST. Keep up the good work. I love you

Yikes! Well, Mr. Succor is shortwinded this month, but we know he's been drinking a lot of Sambuca lately, so he's prob. not all there. Seriously, he's pretty much right though. We would have said it in a more subtle manner.

So, our new CD releases are now 10 bucks in the US. YEAH - 10 bucks. So fucking buy them already. It's cheap . . . you probably should be charged double, but we've been feeling real Ian MacKaye lately. You know, "up with the people", so we lowered our prices. Why the hell not?

There will be a studio release by QUOK soon. This is a trio of Ava Mendoza on guitar (Evangelista, etc.), Tim Dahl on bass (Child Abuse) and Weasel Walter on drums. Their music is real punk jazz . . . harmolodic, wanky, furious and angular. Some people think it's remniscent of '94-'95 luttenbachers w/o the horns, but that's a coincedence. Think Massacre, instrumental Black Flag and Decoding Society and you're in the ball park. The record was tracked by Colin Marston and will be mixed soon.

The studio release by Forbes/Young/Walter will drop this fall. It shows growth and maturity far beyond the sub-Ayler histrionics of their "American Free" debut lp (still available at the store here). It is, naturally, totally extreme and furious, but shows greater dynamics, variation and structure. You'll love it because it's great. Like having a strong dose of caffeine and getting slapped in the face by a sexy nun. Trust us.

We haven't really worked on the End Result CD in a while, but we will try to get it going soon. It is worth the wait.

That's about it. You're either with us, or against us.

love, Gus, Gary, Chip, Ginger and Susie (ugEX shipping dept.)

December 2010 :

A word from the Executive CEO of ugEXPLODE
Franklin X. Succor:

"MTV . . . you are pathetic! I watched your EMA awards ina French hotel room while on tour with the genius Sheik Anorak/Weasel Walter/Mario Rechtern trio (be sure to check out their killer new "Bass Bass Bass Bass" LP at the store!) and I was actually shocked at how low mainstream music has sunk. Give me a break! Now, I love good old pop music. I like to jam some BJ Thomas or Dionne Warwick, just like the rest of you, but this new shit SUCKS! Every single "artist" on the awards show had that Mariah-Carey-post-Tommy-Mottolla-trauma-smile on their face (like they'd seen something horrible no person should ever see). What a bunch of tools. I suppose when Disney owns half the entertainment industry, this is what you should expect. A bunch of evil scientists, controlling what people see and hear by statistics and market research! God forbid if you aren't 1) a rapper, 2) an R and B artist, 3) a teen icon 4) a female singer/songwriter or 5) in some shitty bro-infested alterna-rock band with goatees and billy-goat singing! Apparently there's no room for you in the mainstream if you don't fall into one of these categories. Whatever happened to letting the public decide what they might like? If you're starving and a nice man offers you a spoonful of shit - you'll probably eat it. That's what's happening in pop culture these days: spoonsful of shit being offered to culturally starved masses. The alternative is HERE, folks. It's ugEXPLODE Records. You don't have to eat shit - you can have ambrosia instead! yum!"

Whew! Okay, there bossman. We get it: the mainstream sucks. Well, if you're here, you probably don't care about what's on MTV anyhow, so congratulations. Some new goodies in the store this month: the remastered reissue of The Flying Luttenbachers' "Infection and Decline" CD and the Anorak/Walter/Rechtern clear vinyl LP. Go fer it! See you in January when the red-hot White Suns debut lp/cd hits the streets!

August 2010 :

A word from the Executive CEO of ugEXPLODE
Franklin X. Succor:

"As the guiding light of this fine label, I am constantly searching for fresh talent with which to diversify our artistic pool. It's true that for a long time I believed that Weasel Walter was the primary linchpin in modern-music-that-matters, but christ . . . how many records can that guy put out?! It's clear we have to give some other folks a fighting chance!

I troll many New York City music venues with some regularity and unfortunately I don't see much happening. There's a lot of attempts at musical style, but not much real substance. Generally, it seems like all this musical style is all stolen from somebody else, but more often than not, it's a fairly pathetic imitation at best. Is the new generation incapable of any originality? Now that the history of music is handed to them on a plate, is watered-down white-bread the only thing left? Style without actual compositions tend to ring hollow. Please - bother to write a song - it helps. If you're not blowing us away with your instrumental prowess and your songs suck, there isn't much really left, is there? Would you actually watch the shit you make? Ask yourself that question, and please, DON'T LIE!

The way musicians look these days? SHIT! What do they think this is - their living room on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Stop staring at your feet and give us something to get excited about! Show some FLAIR, you bums! Is this what things have come back to? A sea of drab, baggy neutrals? You hurt my ears and then you're going to hurt my eyes too? This is an outrage. If you want anybody to care about your music: 1) have something interesting to say and 2) don't look so sloppy. Men - try a snappy sharkskin jacket and a nice haircut. Shave that hippy beard and wash that greasy hair! Women - why not put on a lovely skirt or dress? (and don't cover those nice legs with a pair of dungarees . . .this whole "dress + pants" look is bag-lady gross! It's just so 2001!)

My advice for up-and-coming groups is simple: when you step on stage, give the audience something they can't do themselves!!! Do something EXTRA-ordinary, NOT ORDINARY. Scare us. Punch us. Hug us. Make us laugh. Make us cry. DO SOMETHING, goddammit.


your enemy, FRANKLIN X . SUCCOR "


Another exhausting rant from the boss! He does have a few points though . . . New to the store is a very limited new Mick Barr CD-R
as well as the ass-kicking second album by Drunkdriver. Added to the release schedule will be a CD of unholy, cacophonous skronk by the trio of Henry Kaiser, Weasel Walter and Charles K. Noyes (Toy Killers) entitled "Ninja Star Danger Rock". This maddening hour of rampaging no-wave destruction was recorded live in the studio last year and features guest appearances by John Oswald and Mark E. Miller. It is gnarly and uncommercial and you'll just love it. People aren't making a lot of music like this these days, so perhaps you'll find it refreshing!

Still coming up: White Suns CD/LP, Burmese CD and End Result double CD, plus much, much more.

July 2010 :

A word from the Executive CEO of ugEXPLODE
Franklin X. Succor:

"You know what, you little bastards? I'm sick of pretty much everything and I'm not going to be nice about it anymore.

This is the most pathetic period for culture I've lived through in my 100 years of existence! Music and Art are both totally weak right now. Sure, there's a few exceptions here and there, and yes, I haven't heard of everything in the universe, but overall, the American milieu is so overstuffed, apathetic, spoiled, mediocre and complacent it nauseates me.

It seems like the average American demands culture that

1) gives them a false feeling of smug cleverness
2) insulates them in a boring, warm emotional blanket
3) reinforces the indoctrinated slavery to their hormonal urges
4) and reflects the spiritual hollowness of the current status quo.

Is everybody on friggin' tranquilizers or what? Back in my day we'd take a quaalude for kicks, but what the hell? Nobody wants to rock the boat anymore. Nobody nobody in the music scene has an opinion anymore, out of fear of social ostracization. BORING. Well, it ain't me, babe . . . let's light those bridges on fire because they need burning. Somebody has to light the match. I'm so frickin' old I don't care anymore.

Culturally, the 2010s so far are worse than the mid '30s. The late '40s. The early '70s. It's even worse than the late '80s. Hell it's even worse than the late '90s. Raise your hand if you agree. If you don't, you'll prob. be eating your words at some point because something better HAS to come out of all this mess, even if it gets worse first.

The mainstream is blander and more pandering than ever. Turn on the radio and audio offal pours out. Dumb fucking sentiments . . . beer commercial chord progressions . . . auto-tuned robot turds . . . peons to idiocy. LUMP IT ALL. Do we really need another "remade" American movie (i.e. take a great idea, slaughter it and rake in a ton of money because people will swallow whatever shit you offer?)

If this is an elitist perspective, well, just sign me up. Maybe it's time to throw the gauntlet down and see which side people are really on! I don't seem to have much to lose. I've never been close to an ivory tower and I certainly don't need any more "friends". Hell, most of my friends are dead! I outlived them all by doing as much cocaine as possible.

Right now the world is fucking DISCO and ugEXPLODE is PUNK rising.

Mark my words - some day people will acknowledge this.

My solution to all these problems? Keep underwriting The Weez, so he can keep cranking out REAL battle music for the upcoming armageddon. NO COMPROMISE. When people finally wake up from their deluded, apathetic haze, they're going to want music with BLOOD in it, and they're going to find it in abundance RIGHT HERE.


My critics might posit that I'm just "bitter" because "nobody likes" the music that I support or some such garbage like that. Oh yeah, because popularity is everything, right? For a while, a lot of folks thought Hitler was really groovy!

Screw popularity, because the MAJORITY IS ALWAYS WRONG.

You know why you don't see ugEX products littering the budget bins? Because people actually KEEP THEM. (If you do see them, feel free to let us know and we'll buy them and sell them back to somebody who actually wants them for a neat profit!) We might have only pressed 15 copies of The Chicago Sound DVD, but you can rest assured that the total FREAKS that bought those will never part with them!

I mean, seriously, why the hell would most people like this kind of music right now? They're all avidly trying to side-step the issues and emotions this music proposes! ugEXPLODE music is dangerous, violent, abstract, complex and weird. I look around and just see armies of brainless, tired robots everywhere. Oh, boo hoo that these legions of brainless morons don't like it. Whoa is me. I don't have legions of zombies on my side. Oh well. Nuts to them. Dumbasses.

At least there's a hard core of smart, adventurous, unique fans that keep this operation up and running against all odds. If you've read this far, you're probably one of those people, so thanks. ugEXPLODE is a gnarly organization. It's about adaptation and survival. The revolt is slowly growing . . . either you're with us or against us. We people with good taste might be the minority, but we're out there . . .

Throughout history some of the best music on the planet "wasn't popular" . . . "didn't sell" . . . etc. etc. So there you go. Regardless, some of this stuff changed the face of history because it expressed things that were latent in society, despite lack of wide acceptance. Those who do not accept the cyclic nature of reality are doomed to put their feet in their mouths. Try as some might to cause censorship by omission, the bad guys never win forever. They always fall at some point. There's no such thing as "justice" in this universe, but it does seem that every dog eventually has its day.


your enemy, FRANKLIN X . SUCCOR "


Whew. We'd just like to play "good cop" here and say that Mr. Succor's opinions are exclusively his own and don't necessarily reflect the opinions of the other staff. The ugEX staff just wants to let you know that we still think "all music is good and everybody is a genius, so let's just have fun!" Yeah, everything is great! "IT'S ALL GOOD (and what-not)!"

Later this year we're going to have killer releases from groups like WHITE SUNS, END RESULT, BURMESE, CELLULAR CHAOS and more, in addition to distro items like a remastered/expanded reissue of the FLYING LUTTENBACHERS' "Infection and Decline", the studio debut by Weasel Walter/Mary Halvorson/Peter Evans, an LP by Sheik Anorak/Weasel Walter/Mario Rechtern and much more.

There's been a lot of requests for Luttenbachers t-shirts and we may bend to this pressure soon, so keep checking back.

June 2010 :

Some amazing new releases and cool additons to the site this month!

First off, we have Marc Edwards/Weasel Walter Group's brutal "Blood of the Earth"; the insane 36 song Orthrelm retrospective; and the cryptic NO MOR MUSIK debut assault, all on lovely compact disc for you out there in weirdoland.

For one week only starting June 1st, 2010, we are offering ALL THREE of these new releases for only 32 DOLLARS postage paid in the US (foreign orders will pay for additional shipping). Just our way of saying 'thanks!' to all you hardcore supporters out there. Save 10 bucks and get a ton of great new music.
Don't miss this sale! Prices go back to normal after JUNE 7th!!!

tIf you click around on the new releases and some of the old ones, you'll notice links to streaming audio and places to directly buy some of our releases in high quality MP3/FLAC/etc. formats. explore the site and look for all kinds of new hidden goodies and free stuff. . .

In the near future ugEXPLODE will be releasing a definitive collection of material by the seminal Chicago punk/no wave/noise band END RESULT. Started in 1979, this bizarre unit began by assaulting traditional punk crowds with an unhinged approach to dissonance and complete originality. Featuring (mostly) no drummer, untuned guitar racket and trumpet (!) ER confused and cajoled the punks with their avant garde primitivism and harrowing, apocalyptic songs like "Children Die In Pain", "Shock Theater" and "The Meek Will Inherit Shit". If you loved the Toy Killers CD, you're going to love this one, painstakingly assembled from archival sources by Weasel Walter in cooperation with band archivist J. Yuenger and the band themselves. You won't believe your ears when you hear how utterly fresh and ahead of its time this insane material sounds.

Still on the horizon: White Suns studio LP, new Burmese studio release, Anorak/Rechtern/Walter live CD, Cellular Chaos 7" and much more!

May 2010 :

The new releases have been pushed back to June 1, 2010. They're all going to slay and we'll have a special money-saving package deal if you buy all three. Stay tuned for details! Check out the cool restocks in the New Arrivals section.

Weasel Walter will be performing in Europe during November 2010, so if you want to book him, contact us.

We hope to get the Burmese releases out as soon as possible! The new full-length is still in the mixing phase, but the band is operating in full-force right now. Replacing WW as second drummer is none other than Jay Korber from Ettrick infamy. We all look forward to this new phase in Burmese domination!

A new addition to the ugEX roster is Brooklyn band White Suns. We will be releasing a studio full-length by them later this year and we promise it will be devastating. More info as it develops.

The Weasel Walter/Mary Halvorson/Peter Evans studio album is set to be released by Thirsty Ear Records in January 2011. A tour will coincide.

are threatening to enter the studio once again, but this time they'll be expanding the sound to orchestra levels with insane overdubs . . .

March 2010 :

Weasel Walter Septet "Invasion"
and Barr/Nevai "Labyrinthia" are both out on CD format as we speak. We've also got some nice deals on various Mick Barr-related titles, so get them while they're hot.

Coming up on May 15, 2010 are:

1. No Mor Musik's self-titled debut CD - a true punk/jazz ripper featuring deranged improvisations with Nondor Nevai on drums and vokills, Kenny Millions (a.k.a. Keshavan Maslak) on reeds and guitar as well as Weasel Walter on 6-string bass! This might be some of the best drumming Nondor has laid down on tape to date. The musical structures are odd, heavy and full of twists. The production is huge, crisp and bombastic. Seth Putnam from Anal Cunt makes a guest vocal turn on the opening track. We're pretty sure you've never heard anything quite like this record. It's the Flipper/Archie Shepp/DNA/Mayhem fusion you've all been waiting for so, stay tuned!

2. Marc Edwards/Weasel Walter Group
CD (title tba) featuring Darius Jones on alto (Little Women, etc.), Forbes Graham on trumpet (Kayo Dot), Elliott Levin on woodwinds (Cecil Taylor alumni) and Adam Lane on bass. This over-the-top sextet plays total energy war-jazz hitting unforseen heights of density and speed. It doesn't seem like there's a lot of free-jazz based music really drawing blood these days, but if you want blood YOU GOT IT. Double drum attack and a sick horn frontline, this working unit mates hardened veterans with some of the strongest youngest voices in the improvising scene today. Two sprawling, 30 minute epics recorded by Colin Marston (Behold...The Arctopus, Krallice, Gorguts) and mixed by WW for total clarity.

3. Orthrelm CD
- a very special ugEXPLODE release packed with 60 minutes of classic tracks from 2001-2002 by this legendary duo completely remixed from the original master tapes by Colin Marston!!! If you love Orthrelm's insanely complex non-repetitive works, you are going to weep tears of blood as you hear this stuff the way it should have always been: HEAVY, CLEAR AND POWERFUL!!! I think i've said more than enough about this must-have release of futuristic prog-metal-grind. You just wait. This thing is going to really snap some necks.

Later this year, the ugEXPLODE store will see new studio items by the trio of Weasel Walter/Mary Halvorson/Peter Evans, Burmese, as well as the frothing international punk/jazz power trio of Sheik Anorak/Mario Rechtern/Weasel Walter (CD/DVD package!) That last unit will be hitting Western Europe in April, so keep a look out!

January 2010 :

Coming March 1st, 2010 are two stunning new CDs of studio madness:
Weasel Walter Septet "Invasion"
and Barr/Nevai "Labyrinthia".

The former is an excellent studio recording of four spontaneous compositions featuring an expanded unit featuring Henry Kaiser, Vinny Golia, Liz Allbee, John Lindberg, Damon Smith and William Winant. The opening 30+ piece "Nautilus Rising" is a totally sick structure in two parts: one part jagged, contrapuntal behemoth, another part scorched earth power drone. The rest of the release ranges from deranged electric Ornette Coleman/No Wave harmolodic punk jazz to abstract chamber still-life to the sort of epic FREE JAZZ density tirades you've come to expect from the Weez. Almost 80 minutes in length, this CD is more of an auditory movie than anything. Buy it, play it loud on an actual stereo system and prepare to be transported to a land where you will be blown away by exploding luminous jellyfish . . .

The latter comes as a follow-up to the now out-of-print <<<The Rainbow Supremacy>>> cd-r and features more improvised-thrash by the dynamic duo of Nondor Nevai (drums, vokills) and Mick Barr (guitar). If you loved the last one, wait until you hear this totally in-the-red course of speed and chaos. This release comes in a lovely full-color digipak and will leave you wondering where the hell to file it on your shelf . . . indescribable, frenetic madness that defies categorization. this is music of the PRESENT, so wake up and get on the train before it runs over your foot!

Out on ugEX later this year:

- Marc Edwards/Weasel Walter Group studio CD
(feat. Darius Jones, Adam Lane, Forbes Graham and Elliott Levin - total war/joy/intensity!)
- Weasel Walter/Mary Halvorson/Peter Evans studio CD
(if some other label doesn't release it first . . . )
- NO MOR MUSIK studio CD
(Weasel Walter, Nondor Nevai and Keshavan Maslak. 'nuff said. total destruktion.)
- Burmese studio CD
(the best studio recording of the band to date, twin blast-beat/bass vs. vocal assault from hell)

and more . . . there's a big surprise release for this spring, but i'm not announcing it until some things get locked down a little more. There's also the possibility of some more luttenbachers reissues/remasters plus video. we're still getting situated in our New York digs, so things are moving a little bit slower than normal . . .

September 2009:

MANY TITLES ARE CURRENTLY ON SALE, including The Flying Luttenbachers, Lake Of Dracula, Weasel Walter and much more!!! CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE SITE FOR DEEP DISCOUNTS!

Teenage Jesus and the Jerks
(last shows ever, feat. Lydia Lunch, Jim Sclavunos, Algys Kizys)
(45 minute "greatest hits" set)
(you know and luv)

Slims, San Francisco, CA
thurs oct. 8, 2009
$25.00 8PM


The October 1st releases will be:

The Flying Luttenbachers - Cataclysm (mini-gatefold reissue)
Vinny Golia/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter CD-R
Nondor Nevai/Mick Barr CD-R
The Chicago Sound - Live in Chicago 2003 DVD-R

January 15, 2010 will most likely be, at the very least:

Weasel Walter Septet - Invasion CD
Burmese CD

There are some newly unearthed Hatewave videos posted on the Hatewave page. Not for the musically or ideologically squeamish!!!

August 2009:

Below is a clip from the recent Chicago concert by the Forbes/Young/Walter trio. If you like it, be sure to rate it accordingly on Youtube! The group has decided to offer a full MP3 version as a preview of the new vinyl-only debut lp. Feel free to check it out and if you like it donate something to the production expenses via Paypal or, better yet, purchase a copy of the album here. The three recent Midwest shows were all recorded and featured some really unhinged playing. There might be another release soon from these recordings, so watch out for it. the Trio will do more touring next spring.

coming in October 2009 will be a mini-lp cd-r reissue of The Flying Luttenbachers' epic "Cataclysm" album (for those that missed it the first time), an hilarious collaboration between insaniac Nondor Nevai and shredtastic Mick Barr (ltd. to 100 copies CD-R), and possibly a trio recording with Vinny Golia on mini-lp cd-r format.

What's with all these CD-Rs you ask? Well, stuff just doesn't sell like it used to (ask any other label) and, sadly, most people really aren't paying for music any more. Many folks are fine downloading digital music illegally (including many of of our own titles) and nobody is stopping them, so as a result we are forced to limit many of our releases to the CD-R format for the sake of not sinking the ship.

Luckily there are a bunch of diehard ugEX fans (you know who you are!) who regularly put their money where there mouths are and continue to support us. For those people, we are grateful! Until things turn around and we can afford larger pressings of our titles, we are committed to surviving and documenting the best music we can with the best packaging and production at our level of resources.

There's other ways of helping us out than donating or buying stuff from this site . . . Come see one of the artists perform live . . . Book a paying gig for us in your town . . . Tell five of your friends how awesome this music is . . . Go to your local record store and ask them to stock our releases . . . Write a blog entry or review about one of our titles . . . We need word of mouth to grow and that power is in your hands. Thanks for the help!

Coming later in January 2010 will be a full-on CD release by the Weasel Walter Septet. This stunning big-band recording (made at the top-of-the-line Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA features a veteran heavy line-up with Vinny Golia, Henry Kaiser, John Lindberg, Liz Allbee, Damon Smith and William Winant. Three epic pieces of abstract violence with total clarity and power. This one is really going to throw a gauntlet down for quality and it should not be missed.

July 2009:

A lot of great new stuff is showing up around here. The biggies are the new Weasel Walter studio album "Apocalyptik Paranoia" and the Forbes/Young/Walter LP "American Free". "Apocalyptik" features a familiar cast of characters in an incredibly unprecedented grouping. The music has a really invigorating, cold edge but contains all the agitated violence you expect from a WW project. The Forbes/Young/Walter trio is a new grouping that looks very promising for the future. The lp captures the band in full-flight in Chicago from March of this year and don't let that clean, minimal cover art fool you - this is some seriously bloodyminded energy-spew! Be sure to check out the short clip of the opening track on the item page. From now on, all the new store items will feature some kind of preview or related video (when possible), so be sure to check them out. Right now there's videos for the Walter/Halvorson/Evans DVD, the Forbes/Young/Walter LP and the Berman/Shelton/Walter CD-R . . .

Be sure to check out Weasel in the midwest during late July, with a bunch of Chicago gigs plus Cleveland and Cincinnati. If any of you midwestern promoters want to bring a WW ensemble out, contact us and give an offer.

On the horizon is the release of the Vinny Golia Trio CD-R with Damon Smith and WW. The master reedman Vinny primarily appears on the highest and lowest saxophones on this one - usually contrabass saxophone or soprillo! Highly energetic, highly unusual and balls-out, this is definitely some of the most hardcore blowing by Golia to be found anywhere. Also, we're planning a compilation of the various Burmese tracks which haven't appeared on compact disc yet. Basically we're going to compile all the singles, comp tracks and vinyl-only cuts, remaster them and put them all in one place for you. should be EPIC. One of these days the Weasel Walter Septet record will surface . . . it was intended to be for ESP-Disk, but the guy who originally green-lighted it left the label and although the remaining folks there seemed to like it they declined to release it because the "band doesn't tour". Hmmm. Dunno about that one ESP. Weak excuse. Your loss. Luckily we've got impervious skin around here and nothing can stop us. When all else fails, DO IT YOURSELF!

Later this year, the Walter/Halvorson/Evans trio and the Marc Edwards/Weasel Walter Group will both hit the studio to lay down tracks for upcoming releases. Both should see the light of day early 2010.

March 2009:

This month we are proud to present a bevy of awesome new releases! First up is the Henry Kaiser/Damon Smith/ Weasel Walter studio trio recording "Plane Crash". This intense cd contains more than an hour of abstraction that will satify those who like their music weird, hard and fast! This just might be the most insane playing on record by Henry Kaiser in decades! See the video below for a sneak preview . . .

The ass-kicking Walter/Halvorson/Evans Trio is taking Europe this May in a series of live dates in France, Germany, Austria and Hungary.
(If anybody wants to book this group in the future, please get in touch with
.) These performances are guaranteed to deliver a heavy dose of lighting-fast interplay and instrumental insanity. Please check the Live Concerts link for more info and be sure to become Weasel Walter's myspace pal for future updates. The group will have a limited gatefold CD-R release on ugEX this June. In the meantime check out other releases featuring the members of this combo like Opulence and Oculus Ex Abyssus. Below is a rough cut preview of the upcoming DVD release by the Sanctuary For Independent Media

Also appearing in Europe in May 2009 will be Weasel Walter joined by many illustrious improvisational cohorts including Evan Parker, Marco Eneidi, Mario Rechtern, John Edwards, Dominic Lash, Mark Cunningham (of Mars) and Sheik Anorak. Once again, the Live Concerts link is always the best place for more info ...

Other hot new releases include the blistering Marc Edwards/Weasel Walter CD-R "Mysteries Beneath the Planet". This sumptuously packaged mini-gatefold CD-R release features kick-ass live performances by the rotating, multiple drummer ensemble featuring a cross-section of the biggest talents in the current East Coast free music scene: Peter Evans, Mario Rechtern, Ras Moshe, Darius Jones, Tom Blancarte, Andrew Barker and Paul Flaherty. Check it out!

Also, we have a very limited amount of the latest studio release by Burmese. This extremely limited 10" picture disc features 20 minutes of all-new studio material and it's the most focused musical statement the band has made since their 2002 "Men" release on Load. Totally crushing twin-drum/twin-bass plus vocals noise/grind insanity. Live video below of some of the material from this crushing release!

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