Kill Misty:Threnody/300 Dollar Silk Shirt (no label) CD 2000

Walter/Nevai/Martinez/Bastard - features special guest vocalist Tom Smith.
35 minutes of mindbending stereo sound.
produced by Weasel Walter for ugEXPLODE.

"Belatedly Embroilment the of She-She It 'It'" (no label) MP3 2000

Walter/Nevai/Martinez/Bastard/T.I.O - exclusive new studio track available now for free download

'As Demond Wilson' (no label) 2XCD 2000

Walter/Nevai/Martinez/Bastard/T.I.O - live aktions from Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New York City and Rochester from August 2000 East Coast Tour. Total destruction -- lo-fi/fans only! Handmade covers. Limited

Bubonic Stupefaction (flemish masters) CD/LP

The 'Nandor Album': scheduled to feature some of the most impossibly fleet music ever realized by humans. The I-Ching got thrown in the garbage and this came out.
Available 2001