July 2020:

Big surprises around the corner. The next album due in Winter 2020 is called "Negative Infinity" will be more highly composed than the previous two and it will debut the new ultra-ridiculous quintet lineup. 2007's "Incarceration By Abstraction" has been licensed to a new label in Italy and will appear on vinyl for the first time later this year. Since the band has made several albums concerning the destruction of humanity, current events come as no surprise to us.

December 2018:

The Flying Luttenbachers "Shattered Dimension" CD/download is coming in February 2019 on ugEXPLODE Records. Prepare for 54 all-new minutes of harmolodic/no wave/skronk/grind destruction as the thug guardians of The Iridescent Behemoth emerge again to illuminate the gate to The Void.

European tour April 2019 being booked now by Ricky Thunder at Swamp Booking

September 2018:

The new Flying Luttenbachers lineup supports The Oh Sees on 3 nights at Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY October 17-19. Mostly new music will be performed by the four piece group. See you there.

March 2018:

The first Flying Luttenbachers concerts in more than a decade happened in France in March 2017 featuring Weasel Walter, Chris Welcome (guitar) and Tim Dahl (bass guitar), performing classic FLs material from all periods of the band. Thanks to Sonic Protest for setting up this tour and for challenging us to get the band name out of mothballs. A new lineup featuring all new music will make its debut later this year at a string of shows opening for The Ohsees at Warsaw in Brookyn, October 17-19th.

November 2007:

Mission is Terminated

The final Flying Luttenbachers album "Incarceration By Abstraction" is available November 15, 2007 from ugEXPLODE Records.

The future may bring the release of the long-awaited DVD "Live Cataclysm", but this will not happen until more people show support for the Luttenbachers project in the form of merchandise sales.

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